Corporate Integrity

At Diamond, we’re not only committed to providing the highest quality behavioral healthcare, we’re committed to doing it with integrity. 
The Board, employees and representatives of Diamond have a personal responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the highest ethical standards and a commitment to our Corporate Integrity Program.

Over the years our culture has been built based upon the very important values listed below. Those values all roll-up into our Core Values. We believe that if we follow these three important Core Values, we will be providing the best outcomes for our patients, clients and our company.

Core Values
  • Quality Care
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Financial Stewardship
Values That Built Diamond
  • Always Do The Right Thing - The consistent pursuit of acting in the best interest of our patients and their families, our clients, communities and employees; guided by a strong moral and ethical compass.
  • Innovation - The never ending search for new ways to improve care and outcomes for our patients, with desired clinical and financial results for our clients.
  • Clarity - The ability to clearly and concisely communicate with all audiences, and to provide a clear vision to our clients, with a straightforward road map to realize that vision.
  • Integrity - The adherence to the basic principle to honor our commitments, while employing the highest ethical standards. We will deliver what we promise and stand up for what is right, and will hold ourselves, and each other, accountable.
  • Respect - The quality of treating one another with dignity, acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual, and valuing the benefits diversity brings to the organization.
  • Transparency - The competency of communicating clearly and completely, without spin, with internal and external audiences.
  • Growth - Our commitment to add new programs and expand our capacity to serve the rapidly growing need for our services.
  • Excellence - The commitment to be the best at what we do, in quality and quantity, in the best interest of our patients, our communities and our clients.


Upholding our Values

We expect all employees to uphold our Values and Code of Business Ethics and Conduct by doing the right thing and complying with company policies, applicable laws, rules and regulations that govern the places in which we operate.

Our Responsibility:

  • Ensure all individuals can freely ask questions
  • Create an environment in which concerns can be raised without the fear of retaliation
  • Actively address the questions and concerns that are raised

Our exceptional reputation is built by each of us every day.

Questions, Concerns?  The Diamond Ethics Line is here for you 24/7.  
Click here to Report a Concern or call Toll-free 844.299.1081