Facilities Development

The Pavilions   
Diamond possesses the financial strength to partner with health systems and hospitals to develop Behavioral Health Pavilions. The Pavilion is an innovative model that enables the hospital to preserve its capital, while creating state-of-the-art Behavioral Health facilities on its campus.

        The Behavioral Health Pavilion: 

  • A state-of-the art facility
  • Provides space for outpatient services
  • Generally has 40 or more inpatient beds
  • Is located on or near the hospital’s campus  
  • Operates as a unit of the main hospital
  • Is developed as a service-line of the hospital

General Market Metrics includes:

  • Minimum regional market of approximately 100,000 persons
  • Population requirements will vary based on the age distribution of the regional market
  • Generally oriented to urban and suburban types of markets

Advantages of a Pavilion:

  • Provides high quality services
  • Creates a critical mass in Behavioral Health to meet the needs of the communities served
  • Enables greater program diversity and flexibility
  • Provides new and attractive facilities for the hospital
  • Frees space in the main Hospital for development/expansion of other medical/surgical services at the hospital
  • Can evolve from service-line into a Center of Excellence for the Hospital
  • Helps with the recruitment of quality staff and physicians
  • Can serve as the centerpiece of a Regional Behavioral Healthcare Network

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