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2019 Excellence and Accountability Recognition Awards

Goal: To recognize people who demonstrate the values of Diamond in a consistent and productive manner, and who embody the “Spirit of Diamond” in a way that motivates and challenges others to do their best.

Categories of Recognition 
Excellence and Accountability in:

  • Quality Care
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Financial Stewardship

Eligibility: Any employee or hospital client may nominate a Diamond Healthcare Corporation employee, team or non-Diamond employee who works in a Diamond program to receive recognition. Employees can not self-nominate. Patients can not directly nominate individuals, but a supervisor can pull information from a patient satisfaction survey, letters or cards received from patients or patients’ families and nominate.
Exclusions: Vice Presidents and above, and members of the selection committee are excluded from receiving these awards. The selection committee serves one year and is replaced in rotation by the individuals receiving the awards. Committee members may submit nominations.


  • Accepts responsibilities and performs duties above and beyond what is normally expected. ‘Above and beyond’ is more than doing one’s job. We are expected to do our job every day to the best of our ability. ‘Above and beyond’ refers to a level of performance, or contribution, that registers with everyone involved as a “Wow!’ moment. It is an outstanding, significantly higher than expectations, effort and outcome.  
  • Exhibits a high degree of professionalism
  • Positive influence on the workgroup
  • Presents in a client facing manner
  • Promotes positive morale through a congenial, supportive attitude and by providing service to others
  • Must not have achieved a “below expectations” rating in their annual review and/or be on a performance improvement plan

Timeline: Nominations will be accepted through January 31, 2020 with the demonstrated action taking place in calendar year 2019.

Description of Accomplishment: The description of the accomplishment should include:

  1.  a narrative on the situation or environment before and after the described actions took place;
  2. information on the direct impact to patients, clients or Diamond (such as patient satisfaction scores, quality metrics or data that exhibit successful implementation of process improvement projects, budgetary gain or neutrality, increase in Diamond services offered to the client, etc.); and
  3. definitions of any terminology specific to the discipline, department or client. 

For example, a nomination highlighting an initiative to improve throughput for behavioral health patients in a client hospital’s emergency department should include:

  • The background or description of the problem that existed in the emergency department
  • How the problem was identified
  • Steps the nominee took to assess the situation
  • The impact the initiative had on patient and staff satisfaction
  • The departments or client leadership the nominee collaborated with on the initiative (Example: working with clinicians to increase onsite behavioral health crisis evaluation)
  • Any efficiencies developed or employed (Example: elimination of redundant provider assessments within the emergency department)
  • The results or outcome of the initiative once implemented (Example:  reduction of patient boarding and associated savings)
  • Any feedback from client on the initiative