Celebrate Cardiac Rehab Week!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

To our employees who work in our cardiopulmonary rehabilitation programs throughout the United States…thank you!  You are making a major difference in the lives of our program participants and achieving great outcomes.

Our 2019 outcomes have been calculated and they are fantastic:

  • 573 program graduates
  • 4 total 30-day hospital re-admissions

Pulmonary Rehabilitation focuses on exercise conditioning, strength training, activities of daily living, education and emotional support for pulmonary patients. Treatment is offered for chronic obstructive and restrictive pulmonary diseases.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is designed to optimize patients’ physical, psychological and social functioning through exercise conditioning, strength training, diet, relaxation, education and emotional support.

Benefits our patient may experience:

  • Reduced symptoms of shortness of breath, chest pain and fatigue
  • Reduced emotional stress, depression and anxiety
  • Improved flexibility and muscle tone
  • Improved energy level and mood
  • Quicker return to work or other activities
  • Reduced medication costs

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