Clearview Behavioral Health Center Celebrates 30 Years

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Clearview Behavioral Health Center at Russell County Medical Center in Lebanon, VA, celebrated its 30 year milestone of providing services and changing lives. Nearly 100 community members helped celebrate. Candace Coffin, Director of Specialty Services, at Mt. Rogers Community Service Board gave the keynote address titled, “Erasing Stigma” and Marty Grizzle, Peer Support Specialist, shared a recovery story.

“It was great to take this opportunity to recognize the hard work by so many hands throughout the past 30 years,” said John Hagy, Program Director, Clearview Behavioral Health. “We were especially honored by the outpouring of community support. Attendees included former employees, past consumers, volunteers (NAMI, Voc. Rehab, People Inc., etc.), private providers, social workers, judges, attorneys and multiple other social service organizations such as DSS and the CSB.” 

John shared how the significance of this event was really brought home when a consumer said they were proud to be able to attend and was so grateful that Clearview Behavioral Health is in their community.   

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From Left: Page Snider, John Hagy, Jill Martin Smeltzer, Mike Raisig,  Kim Woodlee, Cheryl Ann Hess,  Anna Baker and Dr. Mary Olmsted