COVID -19 and the future of Behavioral Health

Friday, May 28, 2021

Mental Health Awareness month wraps up in May, but  let's not forget that those who are affected by mental illness continue to struggle and need access to services. Take a few minutes to learn how COVID-19 has affected children, adolescents and seniors over the past year and what behavioral healthcare looks like in the future.

Watch Video Here

00:05 - Introduction - Pat Doyle

02:33 - Covid-19 and Mental Health of Older Americans - Melissa Lehman

16:03 - Older Adults and Depression - Karen Vergano

19:42 - Covid-19 and Mental Health of Children/Adolescents- Tammy Thien

36:14 - Supporting Your Child - Pat Scalfari

38:15 - Covid-19 and Behavioral Health Into the Future

49:05 - Services Signet Health can Provide

50:53- Questions