Investor-Owned Hospitals

The demand for behavioral health services across the country is strong, and the business climate is primed for investment. Increased awareness of the need for mental health and addiction treatment facilities, coupled with improved reimbursement for such services, present an attractive investment opportunity with the right management partner.

Diamond offers the expertise to design and operate a quality, financially sustainable behavioral health hospital or service line based on comprehensive market and financial analyses. We work with investors to analyze the healthcare market to determine the best model for quality care and efficient business strategies to realize investment goals.

Please take some time to review our white paper which provides a market overview of investment opportunities in behavioral healthcare and addresses the following sections:

  • Operating Environment
  • Supply of Behavioral Health Services
  • Improved Insurance Coverage
  • Reimbursement and Payment Types
  • Payment Rates and Descriptions     
  • Future of Reimbursement  
  • Freestanding Projects
  • Project Profile
  • Market Opportunities


Request the white paper here.  

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