Behavioral Health Integration

The link between physical and mental health is clear and confirmed. Patients with a serious mental illness, particularly older adults, have multiple comorbid medical problems. Meanwhile, the volume and acuity of behavioral health patients in primary care offices and emergency departments confirm the need for timely access to behavioral health resources.  

Diamond Clarity is our population health model that combines data analytics and operational experience to drive decisions in regard to the design and delivery of behavioral health services.

The components of Diamond Clarity are:

  • Findings from comprehensive strategic, operational and financial assessments
  • Data review & analytical insights
  • Recommendations for an innovative continuum of behavioral health services that meet both the community and business missions of the organization

The Diamond model has three primary goals, all of which fit the needs of a hospital, healthcare system or physician practice:  

  • Improve the patient care experience
  • Innovate the delivery of behavioral health services
  • Reduce costs


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