Treatment in Place®

Nursing Homes and Senior Living Facilities

Diamond's Treatment in Place® program supports the mental health needs of older adult residents in nursing homes and other residential care facilities.  Components of this program include:

  • Coordinating care with primary care providers
  • Providing access to mental health professionals
  • Providing training and education to staff regarding the treatment of residents with behavioral health needs
  • Implementing a daily clinical program schedule and quality improvement initiatives

Research indicates that two-thirds of nursing home residents exhibit behavioral health problems, often complicated by coexisting physical conditions.  An older adult with heart disease, for example, is more likely to suffer from depression than someone who is medically stable.  Older adults underutilize mental health services for many reasons, but primarily due to the lack of access to qualified professionals.  

This program leads to improved quality of life for the resident, decreased behavioral health ED visits and hospitalizations, and a more stable milieu overall in the nursing home.

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